About Us

XOC customs started as eBay seller 'custompsucablesuk' in 2018. We sold custom sleeved modular cables with moderate success. With the launch of the RTX 2080 Ti Hof, we partnered with Galax and became a distributor/reseller of HOF OC-Lab products with the aim of lowering the entry requirements of XOC.

Recently, whilst selling RTX 3090 HOF pre-orders on eBay, we were attacked by a huge swarm of 'autobuy' bots that resulted in us having to cancel over hundreds of fake orders to protect our loyal customers. This resulted in the eBay account 'custompsucablesuk' being permanently suspended. It was time for a change.

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Based in the UK, we specialise in finding rare and exclusive computer hardware for our customers and have stock in China ready to ship world wide! All our stock is China based unless clearly stated otherwise.